In line with Coveris’ global strategy to be an industrial sustainability leader, the company’s plants across Europe and the Middle East are working to reduce their environmental footprint.

The latest example comes from Egypt, where the plant is switching its electricity supply from diesel to hydropower, thereby eliminating CO2 emissions by more than 90 per cent in 2020.

Marking a major sustainable change in its business operations, Coveris’ Egypt facility is set to switch from diesel to new hydroelectricity generated using the kinetic energy of the falling water of the local dams and converted into electricity by public generators. By investing €850,000 to switch to a carbon-free source of energy, Coveris Egypt significantly reduced the emissions of CO2 from 804 tonnes per year to almost zero.

Commenting on the initiative, Jakob A Mosser said “Coveris has decided not to make any pledges or promises on sustainability but to show that we are truly committed to this subject with real actions. I am proud that we have made this significant investment which reduces the CO2 footprint for electricity at Coveris Egypt close to zero.”